Meet Torres, music, Independent American singer Torres,

Meet Torres

Streaming music is just as relaxing as taking a vacation. Listening to music anytime and everywhere is a common activity of every one of us. We listen in bus, train, mall or even in our own home while we are doing household chores such as washing the clothes, cooking, cleaning the house and the garage and its garage door in Florida. All you need to do is to turn on your device and let the music flow. You can also find that sitting on a comfortable chair in a quiet place while listening to your favorite music can bring you a huge impact. For a lot of us who just listen and skip the songs, it is called passive listening. But for skilled musicians, they are called active listeners who prefer to listen without disturbances. On the latter is where our Independent American singer Torres who was born in Orlando, Florida and raised in Macon, Georgia, falls. Meet her as we introduce her to you and her career in the music field in this website.

Meet Torres,music, Independent American singer Torres,

Torres learned how to use different musical instruments at a very young age although her family does not have any knowledge and skills on it. She simply has a natural talent on her. Torres found her love in a musical play and began her singing in high school in a musical production play. She also started to learn to play guitar and singing the hymns of the church. After schooling, she moved to Nashville and continue her college course which is songwriting and a minor in English Literature.

Few months before she graduated in college she recorded her first ever album called Torres. It was released the year after she graduated and was critically acclaimed. Those times, Torres toured in some cities in USA and Europe along with other Independent singers and appeared as a guest in some of their colleague’s shows in the industry. After that, she again recorded another new album called Sprinter and little did she know that the album will become a huge hit and will be supported by many. She also managed to tour again in the USA and Europe. She even made a collaboration with some of her friends in the industry and just recently, her third album was released which brings to her music new elements. The album Three Futures was inspired by an electro-pop and gothic industrial background. It is one a huge hit in the industry that until now people support it and keep streaming her music in different music sites.

Meet Torres,music, Independent American singer Torres,

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