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Hey guys! I am a new member of this fan club and I want to be informed of how great Torres is? I know she is a talented and a skilled musician that’s why I love her and her music. I listen to her songs every day and watch her music videos but I never once attended her shows. This coming month she will perform in our area and I am so excited to see her and listen to her live on stage. I feel lucky that I do not need to go far to see her and experience her music on a live stage. So, can you give me some more information about her? I want her to be my inspiration as I love music very much.


Hey @Aliah! I am so glad that you could join the club. I am a member of this club for two years now and so far, I enjoyed everything about Torres. I met her personally on a meet and greet that was held in Nevada. A little information about her I know is that she can play almost all of the musical instruments that you know. She is a very kind-hearted person. As you can see on this website, there is a charity box where you can donate. It is an orphanage that Torres was helping since she started her career. I just hope that you can enjoy her performance live. I also had the experience to listen to her several times.


@Misha, thank you so much for giving me that info. Do not worry, I will enjoy her live performance.